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Wrist pain Brossard
Your chiropractor can help you feel less pain, recover faster, and prevent a recurrence.

Treatment of wrist pain by a chiropractor

At the BROSSARD CHIROPRACTOR CLINIC, we treat wrist pain and promote healing. We cater to greater Longueuil, including Candiac, La Prairie, Saint-Hubert, as well as the other cities in the South Shore. Whether you are feeling wrist pain due to a tendinitis or a sprain, or you are showing signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, we can help you!
The wrist is frequently used, and certain repetitive movements or an accident can provoke an inflammation of the tendons, the ligaments or the joints. The chiropractor will perform an in-depth examination to determine what is the cause of your wrist pain. He will choose the appropriate treatment, and will inform you which exercises to perform.
Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor, offers treatments adapted to each situation, allowing his patients to feel less pain, and to recover faster.

Wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome

One of the nerves which transmits information from your nervous system to your fingers (which passes through the shoulder, the elbow and the forearm) is called the median nerve. When it becomes inflamed, it is called carpal tunnel syndrome. An examination, along with specified treatments (including ultrasounds or laser), will help reduce this pain, as well as the numbness of the fingers.
wrist pain Brossard
Wrist pain Brossard

Wrist pain and sprains

Sprained ligaments or muscles in the wrist can cause wrist pain. Laser and / or ultrasound treatments could help relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.

Wrist pain and tendinitis

Tendinitis is an inflammation of one or more tendons, typically caused by repetitive or overly intense sudden movements. Pain is then felt in the wrist. The chiropractor can help you with manipulations, laser therapy, shockwaves or ultrasounds, as well as with muscular exercises meant to relax muscles, reduce pain and improve mobility.
Wrist pain Brossard
Wrist pain Brossard

Wrist pain and osteoarthritis

Wrist pain can also be caused by osteoarthritis. When the cartilage that surrounds the bone of the wrist is used, a pain settles progressively, reducing strength and mobility. It then becomes very difficult to use the wrist for regular activities.
Your chiropractor can perform an examination of your wrist and recommend laser or ultrasound treatments to better manage pain, as well as exercises to strengthen muscles.

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