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Laser therapy treatment Brossard
Laser therapy can effectively treat a number of musculoskeletal injuries and problems.

Laser Therapy

For a laser therapy session in Brossard (whether you are from Saint-Hubert, or even Candiac, La Prairies, Longueuil and any other city on the South Shore), contact the BROSSARD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC.
Laser therapy is a technique that can help treat multiple musculoskeletal problems: neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, sprains (back, ankles, knees, etc.…), muscles strains or cramps, sciatic nerve problems, herniated disc, tendonitis and capsulitis, carpal tunnel, patellofemoral syndrome, tension headaches and migraines.
Laser therapy can also be used to accelerate the results of treatment for a heel spur or bursitis, and can reduce muscle pains.

How laser therapy works

The device used during laser therapy delivers a large quantity of energy in the area of the pain, and this in depth, which allows it to reach the internal structures (muscles, tendons, bones, etc.). With this, the tissues can regenerate while the pain diminishes. The light from the laser stimulates the cells, which free a molecule named adenosine triphosphate.
The latter stores the energy needed to heal the tissues. In addition, the light from the laser triggers the cells to produce more nitric oxide, a molecule which increases the size of blood vessels and thus facilitates blood circulation. The affected area then fills up with more oxygen and metabolites, allowing the damaged tissues to rebuild.
Laser therapy can diminish muscular tension, increase flexibility, reduce pain in the targeted areas and decrease inflammation. Additionally, the effects can be felt as of the first consultation.
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How many laser therapy sessions will you need?

All depending on your condition, the sessions will be more or less numerous. An evaluation must be done in order to estimate the required number of laser treatments. The severity of the injury and the age of the patient are determining factors.
The laser therapy treatments take between 5 and 10 minutes. These treatments benefit from being performed in the same time as other treatments, which will increase their effectiveness.

Shock waves

Other than laser therapy, it is also possible to work on the fibres of injured tendons and muscles with the help of acoustic wave devices. These waves give shocks in order to stimulate circulation, dissolve calcification, increase cellular activity, reactivate inflammation and allow for quicker healing.
The shock waves serve to treat chronic tendinitis with or without calcification. They also treat the epicondylitis and plantar fasciitis. Certain exercises can also be performed to optimize the results received with the shock wave treatment.


Ultrasounds are high-frequency sonar waves which provoke micromovements in the injured tissues. Treatment with an ultrasound device reduces adhesions all the while improving blood circulation. This treatment also helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation from ruptured ligaments, sprains, capsulitis and tendonitis, while reducing muscular spasms.
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The decompression table

Decompression table treatments focus on stretching the lumbar or cervical regions to decompress the structures. Decompression can be used for the treatment of sciatica, herniated discs, facet syndrome, or simply for muscle stiffness.

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