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Neurovertebral decompression Brossard Neurovertebral decompression Brossard
Neurovertebral decompression can treat certain pathologies of vertebral or disc origin.

Neurovertebral decompression

The BROSSARD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC offers complete neurovertebral decompression treatments. We cater to greater Longueuil, including Candiac, La Prairie, Saint-Hubert, as well as the other cities in the South Shore. Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor, can examine you and inform you whether you can benefit from them.
Decompression of the spine is a surgery free solution to relieve the pain associated with certain neck or back pains such as a herniated disc, compression of the sciatic nerve, facet syndrome, pinched or crushed nerves, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, degeneration, etc. Neurovertebral decompression can provide a relief in pain, and even help with the healing process.
In fact, a study by Gose et al. (1998) with over 770 patients with disc herniation, disc degeneration or facet syndrome, suggests that nearly 71% of the patients undergoing axial spine tractions saw a remarkable improvement of their symptoms. Indeed, they observed an increase in mobility in their daily activities, along with a decrease of their pain. A second study by Gionis et al. (2003) suggested an improvement in condition in 83% of patients with herniated discs.
The BROSSARD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC offers specialized neurovertebral decompression treatments. Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor, will examine you and determine if this type of treatment is beneficial to your particular condition.

Neurovertebral decompression procedure

Neurovertebral compression is a lumbar or cervical traction. The chiropractor performs the neurovertebral decompression with the help of a decompression table, which allows to gently increase the space between the vertebrae.
This in turn reduces the pressure on the discs located between the vertebrae, rehydrates the discs, and facilitates movements. Everything is done very gently and gradually.
The process is gentle and respects the specific needs of every patient, with the help of multiple settings and adjustments offered by the machine (which is controlled by computer). During your consultation, our chiropractor can evaluate whether you would benefit from a neurovertebral decompression treatment.
Neurovertebral decompression Brossard
Neurovertebral decompression La Prairie

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