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Don’t wait for your lower back pains to resolve themselves with time: you could be worsening the problem!

Lower back pain (lumbar), including sciatica

At the BROSSARD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC, we treat lower back pain (lumbar) or sciatica, and promote healing. Note that we serve the greater Longueuil area, including Candiac, La Prairie, Saint-Hubert, as well as the other South Shore cities.
Lower back pain (lumbar pain, lumbago or sciatica) is very common. However, this back pain can present itself in many ways:
  • Facet Syndrome: this is an irritation and inflammation of the facet joints, which cause a lower back pain on only one side. This pain can radiate into the hips, flank, lower abdominals and the knee. This irritation reduces the flexibility of movements, and is often the result of deterioration of the joints.
  • Sacroiliac syndrome: when inflamed, the sacroiliac joint causes pain in the lower back, either on one side or on both. This pain can descend to the buttocks and thighs. It may be either a hypomobility or a hypermobility that causes a “blockage”, during poor positioning or with an overextended movement. The syndrome can develop following poor posture, repetition of movements, a fall on the buttocks, a lumbar sprain, or after exerting too intense of an effort.
  • Sciatica: this lower back pain is caused by an irritation of the sciatic nerve. The patient will feel a burning sensation which will travel down to the buttocks and the leg, and potentially all the way to the ankles and toes.

Lower back pain treatments

  • Treatment of facet syndrome: facet syndrome will rarely improve “with time”, and without the intervention of a health specialist. Your chiropractor will make an accurate chiropractic diagnosis by examining. He will offer you a treatment designed to help recover your mobility in the lower back. An adjustment of your vertebrae will decompress the joints and improve blood circulation, in turn promoting tissue regeneration and healing. The decompression table may also be used. Laser or ultrasound therapies can help reduce muscle stiffness in the area.
  • Treatment of sacroiliac syndrome: if the sacroiliac joint is inflamed, it can be very painful. A physical examination will be done, and manipulation of the sacroiliac joint by the chiropractor is necessary. Exercises and stretches will be explained to you. Laser or ultrasound therapy can help reduce muscle stiffness in the area.
  • Treatment of sciatica: a questionnaire and a physical exam by your chiropractor will help diagnose sciatica. A treatment adapted to your specific case will then be proposed to you, taking into account the affected muscles, joints and nerves. Laser or ultrasound therapies can help reduce the muscle stiffness caused by the sciatica. Ergonomic advice (posture and preferred movements) as well as exercises will be proposed to you as a preventative measure, and to allow for proper management of your sciatica.
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