• Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor
  • Brossard Chiropractor Clinic

    Dr. Alain Caplette, Chiropractor

    Choose to suffer no more by treating your pains at the source.
  • Brossard Chiropractor Clinic

    Dr. Alain Caplette, Chiropractor

    Your chiropractor can help you experience less pain, recover faster, and prevent a recurrence.
Brossard Chiropractor Clinic

A chiropractic clinic offering personalized treatment

Our chiropractic clinic is located in Brossard, but also caters to Longueuil, as well as Saint-Hubert, La Prairie, Candiac and the South-Shore. We offer professional chiropractic services adapted to your particular needs. Follow the likes of thousands of people who have found effective treatments for their pains! Come and meet Dr. Alain Caplette, a seasoned chiropractor, to discuss your pains and find out if you can benefit from our chiropractic care to improve your condition.
Why choose us:
  • Human and benevolent approach
  • Explanation of the recommended treatment
  • Quality treatments with equipment used effectively for the fastest relief
  • For a treatment duration adapted to the patient's condition
  • For prevention tips and easy exercises to do at home
Chiropractor Clinic South Shore


What our patients say about us...

Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor

Doctor of chiropractic and member of the Association of Chiropractors and the Order of Chiropractors, Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor, is passionate of about the techniques of restoring the state of health of his clientele. In 2002, after five years of intensive studies, he successfully completed his doctoral degree in chiropractic at UQTR. In the same year, Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor, founded the BROSSARD CHIROPRACTOR CLINIC.
It has now been 18 years that the clinic of Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor, has been offering chiropractor care to a varied clientele (children, adults, seniors and athletes). His professional services are esteemed by thousands of people in the region.
Whether you have pain in your back, elbow, thorax, wrist, shoulder, knee, hip, or even problems with your sciatic nerves, migraines or tension headaches, or any other neuro-musculoskeletal pain, chiropractic can help you! With the help of a complete clinical examination, Dr. Caplette, chiropractor, will be able to make a precise chiropractic diagnosis and determine which treatments would be necessary to reduce your pain and promote your recovery.
Various types of treatments can be offered to you: targeted manipulations, massage, neurovertebral decompression, laser therapy, shock wave therapy, ultrasounds, etc. Our goal: to help you recover your full potential and all your abilities!
Brossard Chiropractor Clinic
Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor


Are you looking for a chiropractor that takes your health and recovery to heart? Book an appointment with Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor.
For more detailed information regarding the services offered by the BROSSARD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC, contact us by phone at (450) 466-0880, or by email at chirobrossard@videotron.ca.


Make an appointment with Dr. Alain Caplette, chiropractor.
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